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Do you have a taste for risk, a curious nature, and a daring spirit? Then come, join The Seeker on a singular wine adventure!
The Seeker is a lively line of wines from all over the world. Our wanderings yielded distinct wines from disparate lands, delighting the senses on a global taste journey. It is a carefully curated collection of the best wines from where they grow best, each wine lovingly crafted by a different family winery.

For The Seeker, it's all about the journey. Simply glance at the labels and you'll see; the mid-19th century flying machines embody an era of wonder and mystery, of explorers out to conquer the known world... and beyond. The Seeker speaks to the unknown, the unknowable, and the thrill of discovery. Cheers!

Red Blend

Global Profile

DISCOVERED the World Over
A truly global Red Blend, luscious and fruit-forward, discovered by happenstance and good fortune in the clay and alluvial soils of Chile’s Colchagua and Maipo Valleys.
Aromas of ripe plum and blackberry with spicy notes and a touch of vanilla and chocolate. Fleshy, round layers of blackberry, cherry, and vanilla linger through the velvety long finish.
Brilliant with barbecue, burgers, stews, chocolate desserts, and crooked collecting. A slight touch of chill will complement clandestine capers.
Grapes are handpicked, selecting fine Cabernet Sauvignon (50%), Merlot (25%), and Syrah (25%), which is aged in French and American oak for smooth vanilla and chocolate accents.
Lower Carbon Footprint
Lightweight glass, local sustainable printer.
No collection, underhanded or not, would be complete without it.
-Rudolphus Benedict
Red Blend
Rudolphus Benedict

Welcome to the world, home of Rudolphus Benedict.

Ahead of the ominous oncoming night, you run into – quite literally – a Wanted Man. “You’re Rudolphus Benedict!” you blurt, dusting off your now-soiled coat. “They have your face on wanted posters all about the docks.”

“I’ve seen,” Rudolphus sniffs. “Didn’t even have the decency to capture my good side.”

You remain silent, unsure of the correct response. The artistry of one’s likeness seems unimportant, given the givens.

Rudolphus peers at you, seemingly delighted by your silence. “How right you are! I have no bad side.” He all but preens at the thought.

A man trots up to Rudolphus, hurried and harried. “The gears and supplies are stowed. Time to make our leave.” He gestures behind and that’s when you see it – their half-concealed ship looks like a fish, but certainly can’t swim.

To you, Rudolphus says, “This abrupt lout is my brother in arms, Wally.”

At another recognizable face, you gape. “Wally the Widowmaker? Aren’t you dead?”

“Yes,” he replies, short.

Rudolphus laughs aloud, giving you the sense that much of what he does is purely to entertain himself. You’ve heard of his fantastical feats, everyone has, but meeting the man makes you think they might just be true.

A distant shout cuts off Rudolphus’ mirth, but only for a moment. He recovers, saying amiably enough, “Ah, well, no fun if it’s easy. Come along then.” He directs the last at you.

“What?” you ask.

“What?” Wally asks.

The shouts get louder, closer.

Rudolphus looks downright tickled. “Wally, I believe we’ve found the third member of our merry band. One simply cannot subsist on your sparkling personality alone. And besides, we wouldn’t want anyone reporting anything substantive to the authorities.” Rudolphus peers at you keenly. “Feel free to protest at any time.”

You open your mouth, but nothing springs forth. Truth is, you could use some time out of sight after the Carthage incident.

If possible, Rudolphus brightens further. “As I suspected. Come, quickly.”

As you scramble aboard his magnificent flying fish, gears begin to turn, steam belches, and the floor beneath you goes weightless, lifting you up.

The journey had only just begun.