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Do you have a taste for risk, a curious nature, and a daring spirit? Then come, join The Seeker on a singular wine adventure!
The Seeker is a lively line of wines from all over the world. Our wanderings yielded distinct wines from disparate lands, delighting the senses on a global taste journey. It is a carefully curated collection of the best wines from where they grow best, each wine lovingly crafted by a different family winery.

For The Seeker, it's all about the journey. Simply glance at the labels and you'll see; the mid-19th century flying machines embody an era of wonder and mystery, of explorers out to conquer the known world... and beyond. The Seeker speaks to the unknown, the unknowable, and the thrill of discovery. Cheers!

Cabernet Sauvignon

Central Valley, Chile

We sought our Cabernet Sauvignon in the Colchagua and Maipo Valleys. The dry climate and proximity to the Andes encourages full flavor ripening while maintaining bright and juicy acidity.
Aromas of ripe blackberry and blueberry with a touch of vanilla; flavors are loaded with juicy currant, blackberry, and spice wrapped around a velvety texture framed with touches of chocolate and toffee.
A stealthy, silky wine, perfect for stewed and braised meats, grilled vegetables, and righteous thievery.
Grapes are hand-picked and aged in both French and American oak, adding hints of sweet spice and vanilla.
Lower Carbon Footprint
Lightweight glass, local sustainable printer.
As enticing as reclaiming a gem, but not nearly so dangerous.
-Isadora Cortez
Cabernet Sauvignon
Isadora Cortez

Welcome to Chile, Home of Isadora Cortez.

Something rustles in the Duke’s library. A shadow swoops toward you, revealing her true form under a black cloak. Such audacity! Such artful thievery! It could only be the famed Isadora, whose daring is only spoken of in whispers.

“I could call the guards,” you say.

“They’re tied up at the moment,” she replies lightly, pleased with herself.

Glinting light plays off the object in her hand, catching your eye and stealing your breath. “That black diamond belongs to the Duke himself.”

She rolls the jewel between gloved fingers, making it appear like she holds black fire itself. “This black diamond belongs to a family that was forced to part with it to pay a debt they did not rightly owe.”

Understanding suddenly sweeps you. “Yes. It does.” Then your voice hardens: “And you shall doubtless return it to them.”

“Doubtless,” she agrees.

“And the other jewels under your cloak?”

She smirks, caught. “Consider it my reclamation fee.”

“If you got what you came for…”

“Who said that?” Shrouded in black cloth and the castle’s darkness, she draws closer, peering at you with eyes as devilish and lovely as a dragon kite. One wink is all it takes. One wink and you give in to the madcap whim; you join her in her fantastic flying machine to brave violent storms and the unknown.

Seated beside her as you fly toward a far-off Labyrinth, she turns and asks, “Heard of the Map of Mayhem?”

“No. Your next reclamation?”

“Something like that. Shall we?” You realize she wants you to jump – out of the flying machine, with the Labyrinth now directly below – but before you can ask further she’s gone over the side. You take a breath, steel yourself, and follow.

The journey had only just begun.